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TBT Blue Ribbon Horse Show

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Great Show… Great Girls 2011

Is this Hell?

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Arizona can be really hot and August temperatures can range from 102-114 daily! With temperatures cooling in the night to the mid 80’s. During this time we have high temps, high humidity and Monsoon activity making for some miserable days/nights!
Belle came to us in June from Sutton Bay, MI where the temperatures range from 80 during the day and cools down to around 55 degrees at night during August! This poor horse must be thinking she died and went to Hell!1375120044_9244_T2-Electrolytes

Belle is handling the heat pretty well, we have a fan on her 24/7, we hose her down after riding her and she gets turned out at night, when the temperatures are a bit lower. Still, there is no getting away from the heat and I know she is struggling a bit to adjust.

Based on this we have minimized her amount of activity, allowing her an opportunity to adjust to the extreme heat. This is also her first time to be in a hoboob and if you have never been in one, it can be a little scary. When the dusts rolls in it can darken the city with in minutes, blinding you for a period of time. You can tell it makes her uncomfortable, but Belle is so calm she tries to keep herself composed. She so sweet and I feel so bad she is in the extreme heat.

Hopefully she will be able to handle the temperatures in September and start getting ready for the show season. We are so ready to get back in the show ring!

Red Chile Fiesta Horse Show

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Red Chile Fiesta

Wrights Arena – 28 Western Rd. Stanley NM 870564f3c32_8a6ef341c9fb454d89eaca7b65fef368_png_srz_216_245_75_22_0_50_1_20_0

Dates: Aug.16-17,2014

Judges: Mary Ingwerson- Nebraska
Maryann Willoughby- Kansas