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Goldmine Circuit

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We attended the Goldmine Circuit, a four-day, three judge horse show of awesomeness! We attended the very first Goldmine and we never miss it, it’s now in it’s  fourth year and it continues to grow and amaze its participants. Carolyn Dobbins puts the show on and I have known her for many years, this lady is hands down one of the nicest people I have ever met. I really appreciate everything she does and how hard she works to pull this Horse show off! I can honestly say My daughter and I are blessed to have met her and I’m grateful for all she does for the kids at her shows. They all feel so special and loved by her. Goldmine 2


The horse show is an all breed show with crazy amazing prizes and endless fun. The photo booth was a fun event and of course, shopping all the vendors made getting some Christmas shopping done. This year was really exciting because in the walk/jog all ages class they had 70 entries! The turn out was so great they ended up having four cuts, two semi-finals, and then the finals. One lucky participant won a western show saddle. (Bling!)


Briar looks forward to this show all year! Weeks leading up to it, is like Christmas! Non stop talking about how much fun she is going to have. This year was especially exciting because she took Belle and they did well at the show. Briar participated in both English and Western events, a total of 14 classes. She placed in every class and won an English Saddle. She also won numerous other prizes, it was such fun!


Goldmine 4As I said it was Briar and Belle’s first time. Briar has been working so hard with her other horse Bingo and he is such a great horse ( He has my heart). No matter how hard they work, Bingo just can’t take her to the next level. So, Belle is the horse who has a few more skills to get her there. I’m so very proud of my daughter and both of her horses. We have been blessed beyond measure, with two loving animals, a talented trainer and a great show family! Without all of them, this could not be possible!!!!


Thank you, Carolyn Dobbins, Lisa Bullock, LCB Show Horse Family for all that you do for Briar and every other horse lover! You do so much more than you will ever know 🙂



I highly recommend this show, located at Westworld in Scottsdale Arizona held usually in the month of December.


APHA Harvest Of Colors

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APHA Show 14.1
Early Morning Showmanship
Belle & Briar
Belle & Briar



Mira & Briar waiting for Showmanship
Mira & Briar waiting for Showmanship



Reserve High Point Novice Youth &  14-18
Reserve High Point Novice Youth & 14-18


Next week The GoldMine Circuit December 11-14,2014 🙂



Clever Tricks and Tips

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Here are some clever tricks and tips that save time, money and possibly make life a bit easier. These hacks just might make life around the barn, horse shows or traveling a little quicker! These hacks have been pasted around several of the barns I have been at and they are just to cool to not share.

Baby Wipes: Great for wiping down saddles, boots and tack that get dusty while waiting to enter the show ring. They can be used for quick grooming, clean horse’s face, wipe out nose/ears and sweat stains. I prefer the natural chemical free baby wipes. Example: Earth’s Best wipes

Kitty Litter Scoop: Great for breaking up Ice in buckets, skimming off bugs and removing small particles from your horses’ water quickly. We don’t break up much ice in Arizona, but we fish out a lot of bugs!
C clampC-Clamps: I picked this up at the APHA world show, watching the guys deliver and pick up mats. It was amazing watching how quick they could move them with just a clamp. Use them for moving heavy stall mats. They work as handles and make the job so much easier!

Large Dust pan: This is so Cool! Take a large dust pan with a hollow handle. Place it in a sink with the handle facing out and over the sink. Put your large bucket under the handle, turn on the water and watch the water flow through the handle and into your bucket. No lifting or trying to get an angle because the bucket is too large for the sink! Dust pan Metal

Emery Boards: Remove stains from suede and can file off small snags in materials.

Head Lamps: Makes any night time task easier by freeing up your hands. Great for late night horse show prep like washing in a deem area or breading manes.

Fanny Packs: Stylish I Know, Not! But they work great for holding combs, bands, clips for braiding. Keeps your supplies close and your hands free.

Go Pro & Helmet Mount: See your adventures like your horse. This tool is so cool and it really makes your ride come to life on a different level.

What hacks have you seen around the barn or at horse shows? Share your tips and ideas that make life in the equine world easier 🙂

horse pro

Who experiences horse show aftermath?

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This is where after a long weekend of showing a pile of dirty, stinky horse tack and untitledclothes are abandoned in your living room. Our, horses are at a boarding facility and we don’t have to own a horse trailer because they provide transportation. Because of that, we load our truck up with our show tack . Then we have to bring it back and put it away.

I don’t necessarily mind, it’s just, you have to deal with it right away because it is in your living room stinking it up. If I had a trailer, I could wait a few days or longer because it is out of the way. It takes me two days to clean, wash, straighten and put away everything properly. However, on the plus side, on show day we are not washing tails or cleaning saddles. We are organized and all we have to do is drop off our stuff in the tack room and we’re ready to show.

tack 2        tack 1

What does your horse show aftermath looks like?
How does your horse show aftermath effect you?
Suggestions on making the process easier?

Yippie Ki Yay

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Finally we are ready to show! This weekend we are going to the Quarter horse and Scottsdale Saddle Club Shows. A great way to ease Briar and Belle into their first shows together. Belle has been a bit out of commission due to adjusting to our extreme weather, but we are excited to see what they can do as a team.

Pictures on Monday 🙂

AZ Scholarship Circuit -No Bling

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When: September 6,2014 @8am

Where: Westworld Arena 5 &5a

16601 N. Pima RdAZQHA Logo

Scottsdale,AZ 85260

Judge:  Doug Huls




TBT Blue Ribbon Horse Show

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Great Show… Great Girls 2011

Is this Hell?

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Arizona can be really hot and August temperatures can range from 102-114 daily! With temperatures cooling in the night to the mid 80’s. During this time we have high temps, high humidity and Monsoon activity making for some miserable days/nights!
Belle came to us in June from Sutton Bay, MI where the temperatures range from 80 during the day and cools down to around 55 degrees at night during August! This poor horse must be thinking she died and went to Hell!1375120044_9244_T2-Electrolytes

Belle is handling the heat pretty well, we have a fan on her 24/7, we hose her down after riding her and she gets turned out at night, when the temperatures are a bit lower. Still, there is no getting away from the heat and I know she is struggling a bit to adjust.

Based on this we have minimized her amount of activity, allowing her an opportunity to adjust to the extreme heat. This is also her first time to be in a hoboob and if you have never been in one, it can be a little scary. When the dusts rolls in it can darken the city with in minutes, blinding you for a period of time. You can tell it makes her uncomfortable, but Belle is so calm she tries to keep herself composed. She so sweet and I feel so bad she is in the extreme heat.

Hopefully she will be able to handle the temperatures in September and start getting ready for the show season. We are so ready to get back in the show ring!

Red Chile Fiesta Horse Show

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Red Chile Fiesta

Wrights Arena – 28 Western Rd. Stanley NM 870564f3c32_8a6ef341c9fb454d89eaca7b65fef368_png_srz_216_245_75_22_0_50_1_20_0

Dates: Aug.16-17,2014

Judges: Mary Ingwerson- Nebraska
Maryann Willoughby- Kansas