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Fall Shots

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Today, Belle and Bingo got their Fall shots. So, it made me wonder are there any shots you don’t give your horses? Do you do both spring and fall shots?

I have always done both spring and fall shots. I know people who only give shots in the spring, but I prefer to do it twice a year. Also, I don’t give the strangle shot, because the first timeHorse Doctor 2 I gave it to Bingo, he ended up getting strangles. The veterinarian said it’s not guaranteed to work, so I have decided to take my chances with that one. Are there any shots you have pulled out of your vaccine routine?

Of course, when the veterinarian comes out he also offers to clean sheaths. So, lucky Bingo! He also had that done. I usually do this once a year along with dental work. However, I know others who do them every two years. I find it interesting, just how similar we all can be, yet, how different our views are when it comes to health.

Give your ponies a hug and may all your equine pals stay healthy through the winter. Share your vaccine and health tips today.

Here’s what I use to keep my horses shot records and medical information readily available.

Your welcome to print and use 🙂


5 Year Shot Records Blank


I Love my Vet!

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Okay, if you ask any horse owner about their veterinarian you will probably hear “Oh I love my vet He/She’s the best!” It’s Kinda funny everybody’s vet is the best in the world, and it may be true since we develop strong bonds with them and we rely on their talents to care for our horses.

So, with that said… I love my Vet! Why, because he takes the time to explain what needs to be done. That’s very important for a person who has limited knowledge about horses. See, Briar is the rider and really understands her horses. It’s like driving your car, once you have driven that Horse vetcar for a period of time you start feeling the little changes and just know when something is off. For me, I rely on Briar to let me know if she thinks something is off. Of course, the obvious things I can recognize and the routine care I’m all over.

However, it wasn’t always that way. Before I found my vet, I used several different veterinarians. They where the barn vets, the cheap vets, and on occasion the on call vets. Now, each and every one of the veterinarians I used were great and I appreciate all they did, but they came and went with little connection to me or my horse. This was my choice and the lack of connection was because I just looked for convenient, rather than stability.

That all changed when Bingo got sick and had strangles. It was then I realized I wanted someone to know my horse and his history. So, I stuck with one vet and I’m happy I did.

So what makes my vet Awesome?

• He’s patient with my horses and kind.
• He takes his time diagnosing and thinking about what could be wrong.
• He’s reasonable in price and gives alternative solutions
• He explains things and makes sure I understand.

These characteristics make for a wonderful Veterinarian. Now, when he comes out for shots or routine veterinarian care I hear how well my horse is doing or not doing. I feel as if I can believe him and I know he understands my horses history and that makes for better care. Plus, we have developed a rapport and he knows my situation financially, he works with me and that’s a great thing.

Now tell me why you love your vet!