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Women’s Equestrian as an NCAA Emerging Sport

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The American Quarter Horse Association and its alliance and industry partners are aware of and are watching closely the developments regarding the National Collegiate Athletics Association’s Committee on Women’s Athletics recommendation to remove equestrian from the list of emerging sports, as well as Kansas State University Athletics’ decision this week to drop its sponsorship of equestrian.

Originally when the NCAA developed the emerging-sports model, there was a 10-year window for a sport to reach championship status. Equestrian, which was formally recognized as an emerging sport in 2002, had seen enough growth in school numbers within that 10-year window, that NCAA granted extensions even though a 40-school minimum had not been obtained.

Earlier this summer, the CWA requested a strategic plan from the National Collegiate Equestrian Association on how equestrian planned on seeing growth in sponsoring schools.

The equestrian strategic plan was built and provided to the CWA for review at its September meeting. Following this meeting, with no further discussion of the strategic plan, the CWA provided a letter to the NCEA on September 30, 2014, informing of their committees’ vote to recommend removal of equestrian from the emerging-sport list. On October 13, K-State Athletics announced it was dropping its sponsorship of equestrian, effective at the conclusion of the 2015-16 season, a decision that was made before the CWA recommendation had been fully reviewed and approved by the various NCAA governance bodies.

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Save Kansas State University Equestrian

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On Monday night, October 13, 2014, the K-State Equestrian Team was informed that the sport would be discontinued following the 2015-16 season. All scholarships would be honored but there was something not quite right about it all. Parents have mobilized, and the entire equestrian community is rallying to do our best to save the program

The story from Athletic Director John Currie is that there was no way to save the sport, that the NCAA was taking it off the list of emerging sports and they needed the money to make room for soccer. He made this announcement before the NCAA vote and also announced that it would be closed down a year prior to the NCAA proposed end. Something doesn’t feel “Family” here and the parents and alumni want to get tot he bottom of it.

The plot thickens as there are actually 4 more votes to remove the Equestrian program from the NCAA, and no other school has cancelled their Equestrian Team as a result of these votes… why then is K-State?

Consider that Currie never mentions Equestrian on twitter but goes on about most every other small sport. Even better, the girls of the K-State Equestrian team are so far undefeated this year and ranked 3rd in the nation. Can we safely say thank you for your overwhelming support AD Currie?

Please stay tuned as this is a rapidly emerging issue and we will attempt to keep everyone up to date

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Important Contacts

The NCAA Committee on Women Athletics
Chairman Tom Hall.
phone 410.455.2207

Kansas State University
Director John Currie

Upcoming Equestrian Team Schedule

  • November 8 – KSU VS OSU – At Kansas State – Get Out and Cheer!


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Who experiences horse show aftermath?

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This is where after a long weekend of showing a pile of dirty, stinky horse tack and untitledclothes are abandoned in your living room. Our, horses are at a boarding facility and we don’t have to own a horse trailer because they provide transportation. Because of that, we load our truck up with our show tack . Then we have to bring it back and put it away.

I don’t necessarily mind, it’s just, you have to deal with it right away because it is in your living room stinking it up. If I had a trailer, I could wait a few days or longer because it is out of the way. It takes me two days to clean, wash, straighten and put away everything properly. However, on the plus side, on show day we are not washing tails or cleaning saddles. We are organized and all we have to do is drop off our stuff in the tack room and we’re ready to show.

tack 2        tack 1

What does your horse show aftermath looks like?
How does your horse show aftermath effect you?
Suggestions on making the process easier?

The Dream Begins …..

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Briar’s High School had their college fair last week. We were excited to attend and meet with what we thought was going to be an event with several college recruiters. When we arrived, we quickly learned that the majority of college presenters where community colleges and a few Universities. It was clearly a state college recruiting event.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe every opportunity to advance your education, save money on tuition and find the right path for your child is the right choice. However, I was disappointed that it was a state focus event and I feel they should have provided the students with a broader view of what is out there for them. I’m sure it is hard to get other colleges to come, but it would’ve been nice to see several different colleges and have an opportunity to talk with them.pick college

The night however was not a total lost, New Mexico State was there. They were the only University with an NCAA -sanction equestrian team at the event and the recruiter was informative and helpful. NMSU is not on Briar’s list of schools, she would like to attend, however, it is a school she is going to look at. They offer AZ residents WUE status (Western Undergraduate Exchange) which means tuition is the same as a New Mexico resident would be paying. They are in my home state and their pre-season ranking is currently 9. Based on this information we plan on touring and hopefully getting a tour of the equine program (fingers cross we will see a coach). If anything, we will come away with more knowledge of how things work and what we need to do to get on an equestrian team.

The recruiter was surprised how prepared we were, so we are at least on the right track. There are so many rules, expectations, and stuff to muck through that I was glad to hear we are on the right track. Based on that, it looks like I’m doing my part as a parent, now it’s on Briar to keep up grades and ride her butt off to get there.

Fall Shots

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Today, Belle and Bingo got their Fall shots. So, it made me wonder are there any shots you don’t give your horses? Do you do both spring and fall shots?

I have always done both spring and fall shots. I know people who only give shots in the spring, but I prefer to do it twice a year. Also, I don’t give the strangle shot, because the first timeHorse Doctor 2 I gave it to Bingo, he ended up getting strangles. The veterinarian said it’s not guaranteed to work, so I have decided to take my chances with that one. Are there any shots you have pulled out of your vaccine routine?

Of course, when the veterinarian comes out he also offers to clean sheaths. So, lucky Bingo! He also had that done. I usually do this once a year along with dental work. However, I know others who do them every two years. I find it interesting, just how similar we all can be, yet, how different our views are when it comes to health.

Give your ponies a hug and may all your equine pals stay healthy through the winter. Share your vaccine and health tips today.

Here’s what I use to keep my horses shot records and medical information readily available.

Your welcome to print and use 🙂


5 Year Shot Records Blank


One Must Shop Wiseley

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My first trip to the tack store was very expensive. I had no Idea just how important it was to do my homework before heading to the local tack shop. See, we had only been taking lessons, and it wasn’t until Briar’s lesson horse was going up for sale that we even thought about purchasing a horse. We had a black work saddle we had bought for Briar and some leg wraps for her lesson horses, that was it.

So, off I went to the tack shop. I bought everything in Black to match the saddle we owned. I purchased brushes, a tail bag, blankets, and other stuff that I assumed I would need. I was so proud of my independent shopping spree and I could not wait to show our trainer everything I bought. I just knew, she was going to be surprised that I had taken care of everything before she had asked.

Not only did we buy a horse, we also changed trainers. Bingo had been with this trainer for a couple of months receiving additional training. I had met her once before, she was an excellent trainer who was close to my house….Score! So, we left Bingo with her to continue his training and we knew she would take us to the next level. The day of our lesson I pulled up and I carried all my stuff happily to show her.

I quickly found out that Briar’s Black saddle was the wrong size, I needed a lighter color saddle and all that other black stuff needed to be returned. I had the wrong blanket size and some of the stuff I bought I would never use. Then she said only shop at the local shop when you just have too, you can find stuff much cheaper online!

Since then, I have come along way…… So, I thought I would list a few of my favorite places to shop and save. Then, if everyone else comments where they get great deals too, we could generate a list of businesses that save us money and provide great products.

Let’s gather all disciplines here so everyone can save!

Here’s some of my favorite places to shop and save:

Schneider’s                                                                         horse-cart-130



Saddle Online

Tack Wholesale

Jeffers Pets

Valley Vet

Tack Trader

I still shop at my local feed stores, tack stores and big chain stores in my area. But, it is nice to stretch my dollars and still get quality products.

Please post and share so we can all find great businesses to shop with!