Tracking your Horse Show History

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If you show often, it is hard to keep track of each show and what your accomplishments were for each show. Tracking your Horse Show History keeps you organized and it’s a great way to look back on years end. Keeping track of your Show History will help you when you’re applying for awards, selling your horse, seeking equine employment and filling out scholarship applications.



Create an Excel Spreadsheet:  Spreadsheets are customizable, quicker and easier than hand written information and can be shared with others. When creating your spreadsheet you should use one spreadsheet per horse ( however, you can have one document with several tabs for easy access) .


Categories to include in your spreadsheet

  • Basic Horse Information: Your Horse Show Name and Registration Numbers.
  • The Horse Show Name or Title
  • The Horse Show Location & Basic Informationexcel pic
  • The Date(s) of the Horse Show
  • Number of Judges and Names of each Judge
  • Classes Description
  • Your Scores or Your Place
  • The Size of Class
  • Cost ( helps create a realistic budge for the following year)
  • Any other Information you feel is important.


Visual Appealing:  Make sure you clearly document each class, for each show you attend. You can create a spreadsheet for each show or you can have a running log. The key to a log format is to separate each show. Example: Place Boxes around each show, color coordinate each show, Bold lettering, etc.


Update Frequently:  Make sure to update your log after each show. This will insure accuracy and you’re less likely to lose or misplace your information.


How to track information at the show: I print out or pick up a class order sheet. I then have my parents circle all the classes I’m in. Then when I enter a class my parent write down how many are in the class, my score/placements and any additional wins ( circuit champion, class drawling, etc.) next to the class. That way when I get home, I can take the information and transfer it over to my Horse Show Log.


Year to Date:  I create a show log for each show year. That way I can look at information on a yearly base. It’s also fun to look at witch years I showed more or less.


Your show log can be simple or very elaborate. Excel programs give you so many options; from basic fields to mathematical functions. The main Idea is for the log to work for you and your needs. Happy Showing!




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