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Here’s a tip I came across at the last show I was at. I noticed a groomer using this Combination Scrub Brush & Soap scrub brushdispenser. He had a couple of them, one was filled with whiting shampoo and he was touching up the legs of the horse he was grooming. He would squeeze the shampoo out, scrub and then wipe with a wet rag. The legs became instantly clean and the groomer did not have to wash the whole horse (time saving).

I continued to watch him and then he grabbed another circle scrubber/dispenser. This one appeared to have water only and he used it to scrub the hooves washing off the dirt and then he dried and added hoof polish.

small scrubWhat a great Idea! These little dispensers are now going into my tack box!

What household items have you incorporated in your horse tack? Share your quick Tips!

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