Fall Shots

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Today, Belle and Bingo got their Fall shots. So, it made me wonder are there any shots you don’t give your horses? Do you do both spring and fall shots?

I have always done both spring and fall shots. I know people who only give shots in the spring, but I prefer to do it twice a year. Also, I don’t give the strangle shot, because the first timeHorse Doctor 2 I gave it to Bingo, he ended up getting strangles. The veterinarian said it’s not guaranteed to work, so I have decided to take my chances with that one. Are there any shots you have pulled out of your vaccine routine?

Of course, when the veterinarian comes out he also offers to clean sheaths. So, lucky Bingo! He also had that done. I usually do this once a year along with dental work. However, I know others who do them every two years. I find it interesting, just how similar we all can be, yet, how different our views are when it comes to health.

Give your ponies a hug and may all your equine pals stay healthy through the winter. Share your vaccine and health tips today.

Here’s what I use to keep my horses shot records and medical information readily available.

Your welcome to print and use 🙂


5 Year Shot Records Blank


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