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My first trip to the tack store was very expensive. I had no Idea just how important it was to do my homework before heading to the local tack shop. See, we had only been taking lessons, and it wasn’t until Briar’s lesson horse was going up for sale that we even thought about purchasing a horse. We had a black work saddle we had bought for Briar and some leg wraps for her lesson horses, that was it.

So, off I went to the tack shop. I bought everything in Black to match the saddle we owned. I purchased brushes, a tail bag, blankets, and other stuff that I assumed I would need. I was so proud of my independent shopping spree and I could not wait to show our trainer everything I bought. I just knew, she was going to be surprised that I had taken care of everything before she had asked.

Not only did we buy a horse, we also changed trainers. Bingo had been with this trainer for a couple of months receiving additional training. I had met her once before, she was an excellent trainer who was close to my house….Score! So, we left Bingo with her to continue his training and we knew she would take us to the next level. The day of our lesson I pulled up and I carried all my stuff happily to show her.

I quickly found out that Briar’s Black saddle was the wrong size, I needed a lighter color saddle and all that other black stuff needed to be returned. I had the wrong blanket size and some of the stuff I bought I would never use. Then she said only shop at the local shop when you just have too, you can find stuff much cheaper online!

Since then, I have come along way…… So, I thought I would list a few of my favorite places to shop and save. Then, if everyone else comments where they get great deals too, we could generate a list of businesses that save us money and provide great products.

Let’s gather all disciplines here so everyone can save!

Here’s some of my favorite places to shop and save:

Schneider’s                                                                         horse-cart-130



Saddle Online

Tack Wholesale

Jeffers Pets

Valley Vet

Tack Trader

I still shop at my local feed stores, tack stores and big chain stores in my area. But, it is nice to stretch my dollars and still get quality products.

Please post and share so we can all find great businesses to shop with!

One thought on “One Must Shop Wiseley

    Spider Milk Photography said:
    September 5, 2014 at 1:42 am

    Great post, for new horse owners especially but I think more experienced riders, too.

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