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The Dream Begins …..

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Briar’s High School had their college fair last week. We were excited to attend and meet with what we thought was going to be an event with several college recruiters. When we arrived, we quickly learned that the majority of college presenters where community colleges and a few Universities. It was clearly a state college recruiting event.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe every opportunity to advance your education, save money on tuition and find the right path for your child is the right choice. However, I was disappointed that it was a state focus event and I feel they should have provided the students with a broader view of what is out there for them. I’m sure it is hard to get other colleges to come, but it would’ve been nice to see several different colleges and have an opportunity to talk with them.pick college

The night however was not a total lost, New Mexico State was there. They were the only University with an NCAA -sanction equestrian team at the event and the recruiter was informative and helpful. NMSU is not on Briar’s list of schools, she would like to attend, however, it is a school she is going to look at. They offer AZ residents WUE status (Western Undergraduate Exchange) which means tuition is the same as a New Mexico resident would be paying. They are in my home state and their pre-season ranking is currently 9. Based on this information we plan on touring and hopefully getting a tour of the equine program (fingers cross we will see a coach). If anything, we will come away with more knowledge of how things work and what we need to do to get on an equestrian team.

The recruiter was surprised how prepared we were, so we are at least on the right track. There are so many rules, expectations, and stuff to muck through that I was glad to hear we are on the right track. Based on that, it looks like I’m doing my part as a parent, now it’s on Briar to keep up grades and ride her butt off to get there.

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What did you do this weekend?

I’m ready for my close-up

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So excited this weekend our trainer Lisa Bullock is having a professional photographer come out and take pictures. I’m Lights camera actiongoing to have her take pictures of Briar with both horses. Then Individual pictures with Briar and hopefully all three together.

Arizona Fall Championships

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Good Luck Courtney Ritter and Lady Red!

16601 N. Pima RdAZ-Fall-Championship-2013.ashx
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Dates: September 24-28,2014
Judges: TBA
Please Note: A Health Certificate is required for all out of state horses, and a Coggins Test is required for in state horses.




Check out West World Facilities  …  A Great place to Show!

Fall Shots

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Today, Belle and Bingo got their Fall shots. So, it made me wonder are there any shots you don’t give your horses? Do you do both spring and fall shots?

I have always done both spring and fall shots. I know people who only give shots in the spring, but I prefer to do it twice a year. Also, I don’t give the strangle shot, because the first timeHorse Doctor 2 I gave it to Bingo, he ended up getting strangles. The veterinarian said it’s not guaranteed to work, so I have decided to take my chances with that one. Are there any shots you have pulled out of your vaccine routine?

Of course, when the veterinarian comes out he also offers to clean sheaths. So, lucky Bingo! He also had that done. I usually do this once a year along with dental work. However, I know others who do them every two years. I find it interesting, just how similar we all can be, yet, how different our views are when it comes to health.

Give your ponies a hug and may all your equine pals stay healthy through the winter. Share your vaccine and health tips today.

Here’s what I use to keep my horses shot records and medical information readily available.

Your welcome to print and use 🙂


5 Year Shot Records Blank


Mane and Tail Conditioner

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4 tablespoons clear or natural henna – optional
6 to 8 eggs – beaten
7 tablespoons of either avocado, hemp, rice bran or flax oil
A few drops of your favorite essential oils


Directions:horse Tail
You will need a bowl to whip up this conditioner fresh as needed. It is a nourishing meal complete with vitamin E and protein for mane and tail. The clear henna leaves a rich shine. Massage the mixture into your horses’ mane and tail and allow it to sit for 15 minutes, then rinse or shampoo as usual. Directions: Beat eggs, add henna and oil and beat until well mixed; apply.

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