Show Mom with a Checklist in hand!

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Now that it is getting closer to show season. I’m getting into show mom mode. It’s kinda like being pregnant, as you get closer to your due date you start feeling the need to start “Nesting” .horse show mom

The thing is, we board our horses at two different locations. Bingo is right down the street from our house and Belle is about 45 min away with our trainer. Because of that most of our show stuff is kept in our house. Without a trailer it is easy to forget something.

That’s why before each show we have a pre-show packing event. Briar and I gather everything we think we will need for the show and then make sure we have everything. That’s why staying organized is key, and having a checklist for everything you need to bring and bring home helps minimize stress 🙂

Here’s a checklist we use to get organized. Of course each discipline, maybe a little different, but this list has helped me tremendously.


Horse Show Checklist


How we use the checklist:

We gather everything and bring it to the dinning room. Then we take our checklist and make sure we have everything on the list. We also stock our cooler and pack snacks. Then all we have to do is stop to get ice and coffee on our way. In the morning we get up, get ready and load the truck. I suggest if you can load the night before and it will be safe, that is even better. For me, this makes our mornings stress free.

Don’t forget to bring a blank checklist with you. This way, when your packing up you can check off everything and not leaving anything behind. Tack is expensive, the last thing you want to do is lose stuff.

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