Happy Trails…Desert Safety!

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Long trail rides in Arizona can be amazing! Stepping onto the desert floor provides you a picturesque view like no other, from majestic sunsets to desert foliage, each step can rejuvenate you and your horses body, mind, and soul. With all that beauty there is a dangerous side to the desert. The desert has extreme weather, venomous creatures, poisonous plants, and deceiving planes. Its easy to get lost or become dehydrated quickly.

With a bit of planning your trail ride will be everything you want. To start, you need a fit horse and rider. Your horse needs to become familiar with its surrounding, especially if your horse is new to trail riding. Start with easy trail rides and then advance to longer adventures. Be prepared, by wearing jeans and long sleeve clothing. Clothing protects you from sun burns, vegetation, and keeps the skin hydrated by holding in sweat. Take breaks by getting down and stretching helps relieve your muscles and gives your horse a break as well. Keep in mind you need to remain hydrated and your horse needs hydration also. On average, a horse needs to drink10 gallons of water a day. When you add exercise they will need even more. So, make sure you both hydrate before the ride and during often to ensure proper hydration. You should bring electrolytes with you and know your limits.

Pack a Pack and stay safe on the trails!horse clinic pic

Bring a Map or GPS
Pack a light jacket/rain gear
Carry a knife
First aid kit for horse and rider
Waterproof matches and Flares
Trash bags
Lot’s of Water
Chap Stick
Clapsable Bowl- Water for your horse
Snake bite kit
Extra pair of socks- If your feet get wet
Tweezers-Pull out cactus needled

What to wear!

Light Colored clothes that are loose fitting like Long sleeve and Jeans
Comfortable Boots
Sun Screen
Hat, cool rags

There are many hazards on the desert, but with a bit of planning you can enjoy a safe and wonderful long trail ride with your horse. I suggest you bring along a friend and make it a social event. If you go out alone, remember to let someone know your plans and when they should expect you back. This way you and your horse have someone else watching out for you.

If you have other suggestions on being safe out on the desert ride, please share. We also would love to see some of those amazing photos on the trail, email horsetalesandtrails@gmail.com and will posts them on our site 🙂

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