Bingo’s Hoof Problems

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As we all know Paints don’t have the greatest of hooves and Bingo is no exception. He goes through these cycles where some summers his hooves are strong and healthy. Then out of nowhere they become soft and brittle. It’s strange to look at, they are dry and cracking on top and soft and mushy on bottom.

Bingo is not turned out during irrigation nor stands in a wet stall for any period of time. We bathe him weekly and rinse him off after riding. We also use tuff stuff once a week to help repel water. It’s like a weird genetic kinda of thing or that’s what we think. During these cycles he becomes difficult to shoe, either he loses a shoe or the challenge becomes finding a sturdy place to put a nail in to hold the shoe on. I’ve also noticed during these cycles he grows a small coat, which in Arizona most horses shed out quickly in 102+ temps.Bingo Hoof 1

I guess it’s my fault in a way, because normally I keep him on Hoof Rite and it seemed to stretch these cycles making them less often. Of course, I bought another great supplement that had everything in it, including a hoof supplement so I took him off. Not because of the expense, because I thought if he didn’t need it then why put that through his kidneys. I’m more of a naturalist by heart and try and avoid stuff unnecessary in hopes of keeping him healthier.

So , Yesterday my Farrier came out and we determined he was going through this again. Shoeing was a challenge so based on this, I plan on adding Hoof Rite back into his diet and leaving well enough alone.

I’m curious if any of you have experienced this? Have you determined what’s causing it? or what supplements work for you? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject!


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